Other Information
Generally speaking, a coach must be 18 years of age to participate in a course. However, in some cases a provisional coaching license will be issued to a coach age 16 or 17. All coaches holding a provisional coaching license will be required to work with a licensed coach 18 years and over. Upon reaching the age of 18 a coach holding a provisional coaching license shall be, upon written request to the State Director of Coaching, issued a full coaching license.

Candidates must come prepared with the following items:

  • A Soccer Ball
  • Proper soccer clothing
  • Water
  • Pencil/pen and paper to take notes

Coaching Course Summary

Age Division License Required Date Effective Cost Hours
U6/U8 Youth Module 1 2002 $25 3.5
U10/U12 Youth Module 2 2002 $25 3.5
U12 ‘F’ License 2002 $35 9
U13-U14 ‘E’License 2003 $65 18
U15& Up ‘D’ License (recommended) 2004 $135 36

In addition to the courses listed above, from time to time, HYSA may offer “topical” clinics for coaches. It is solely purpose of supplemental coaching education. These clinics can also be requested by a League or a club. It can be set up to serve as an overview for all of your leagues or clubs first year coaches or can be designed to target the coaching of specific age groups. That's the beauty of it, your league or club can establish whatever will serve your coaching needs best. The true value of this program is also derived from being a hands-on clinic with the action taking place in "The True Classroom", on the field. Active participation is strongly encouraged to add to the participants understanding and experience gained from the clinic, but is not required.

Cost: To be determined
Instructors: HYSA State Instructional Staff
Minimum: 20 participants
There is no state certification for this clinic - educational purposes only. Potential Topics to be considered when designing your clinic:

  • Laws of the Game
  • Teaching Proper Techniques
  • Organizing & Running Effective Practice Sessions
  • Small-Sided Soccer
  • Fun Games Kids Love to Play
  • Team Management (Coaching Philosophy, Roles of the Coach, Methods of Coaching, Sideline Coaching)>
  • Beginners Guide to Team Tactics (U12 and above)
  • Retrieval Games (U8 and below)

Responsibilities of Hosting League of Club
A League Director/President, Club President or Director of Coaching may request a Coaching Course by submitting a letter of interest to the HYSA Director of Coaching. The Sponsoring organization should provide the details of the course (who, what, when, where, etc.) to the HYSA State office 90 days prior to the proposed starting date of the clinic.

Director of Coaching, George Kuntz is available to conduct clinics whenever he is in town. If interested, please contact George Kuntz for more information or clarification on anything, at socdoc@cox.net or call him at 949-362-7713 (rev. 08/04)

The Hawaii Youth Soccer Association has partnered with the State of Hawaii Department of Health to promote a tobacco and “smoke free” environment for our young athletes. Please don’t smoke at practices and games. We also encourage our Leagues, Clubs and Teams to adopt a no smoking policy at all of your activities.