2015 HYSA President's Day Cup
Start Date 2/14/2015
End Date 2/16/2015
Entry deadline Tuesday 12/30/2014
Blind Draw Sunday, 1/11/2015 -1pm @ Ticket Booth
Frozen Roster deadline  1/31/2015 - 10pm
Check In 2/8/2014 3-6pm @ Ticket Booth
Team Entry Fee $480
Age Group U8-U12 Boys & Girls
Eligible Players Rostered & Club Passed Players Only - No Guest Players
Location Waipio Soccer Complex

Applications to participate in the 2015 HYSA President's Day Cup will be accepted 12/1-12/30/2014

Travel Note:
Teams should refrain from booking travel arrangements until after the schedule has been released.  HYSA is not responsible for travel costs. Due to scheduling limitations, we are not able to honor requests for late arrivals or early departures. Please plan accordingly.

- Referee Application/Availability Form (10/23/2014)



2014 Application to Referee at HYSA President's Day Cup

2014 Application to Host a Concession

2014 HYSA Presidents' Day Cup T-Shirt Order Form

2014 HYSA PDC Schedule Matrix  - revised 1/27/2014

2014 HYSA PDC Rules

2014 HYSA PDC Blind Draw Results


Field Marshal Responsibilities

Field Marshal Schedule

Tournament Questions...contact the appropriate officials below:



Contact Email

HYSA President

Scott Keopuhiwa


Tournament Director

Fred Nakahara

State Registrar

Cheryl Bailey


League Registrars



·         Big Island

Bill Case


·         Kauai

Kevin Gusman


·         Maui

Diane Fujii


·         Oahu

Doreen Tanaka




2013 HYSA President's Day Cup

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Accepted Team List, Schedules, Scores, Results

Club Pass Instructions


2012 HYSA President's Day Cup

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2011 HYSA President's Day Cup


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2010 HYSA President's Day Cup

2010 HYSA President's Day Cup SPORTSMANSHIP Points

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2009 HYSA President's Day Cup Results & Standings

 2008 HYSA President's Day Cup
2008 HYSA Presidents Day Cup- Schedules & Results

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2007 HYSA President's Day Cup

View Complete Results

2006 HYSA President's Day Cup
FEBRUARY 18-20, 2006
Waipio Soccer Complex

2006 President's Day Cup Results:

GU8 1st - 0851 Ka'oi Soccer Club - Blitz
GU8 2nd - 0853 Hawaii Rush Total 90
GU8 Sportmanship - 0854 Hawaii Rush Vapor (45.5 Avg Pts)

GU9 1st - 0951 Ka'oi Soccer Club - Cobras
GU9 2nd - 0953 HSC Bulls 97G Ka'ula
GU9 Sportmanship - 0960 WSC Volcanos GU9 (43.67 Avg Pts)

GU10 1st - 1064 Ka'oi Soccer Club - Attack
GU10 2nd - 1051 HSC Bulls 96G Ka'ula
GU10 Sportsmanship - 1062 Westside Girlz (46.33 Avg Pts)

GU11 1st - 1157 Leahi Soccer Club - Stingrays
GU11 2nd - 1170 Hawaii Rush G95 Nike
GU11 Sportsmanship - 1176 KSC Na Hoku O Kailua (45 Avg Pts)

GU12 1st - 1260 Ka'oi Soccer Club - Express
GU12 2nd - 1266 LSC Twisters
GU12 Sportsmanship - 1266 LSC Twisters (39.67 Avg Pts)

BU8 1st - 0807 Hawaii Rush B98 Nike
BU8 2nd - 0806 LSC Tasmanian Twisters
BU8 Sportsmanship - 0808 Hawaii Rush B98 Swoosh

BU9 1st - 0902 HSC Bulls - 97B Ka'ula
BU9 2nd - 090s Hawaii Rush B97 Nike
BU9 Sportsmanship - 0901 Riggers 96 Green (48.67 Avg Pts)

BU10 1st - 1014 Hawaii Rush Total 90
BU10 2nd - 1004 HSC Bulls 96B Ka'ula
BU10 Sportmanship - 1012 HSC Bulls 96B Ka'ele (50 Avg Pts)

BU11 1st - 1106 Hawaii Rush Abunai
BU11 2nd - 1105 HSC Bulls 95B
BU11 Sportsmanship - 1105 Hawaii Rush Abunai AND 1105 HSC Bulls 95B (40 Avg Pts)

U12 1st - 1219 Hawaii Rush B94 Nike
BU12 2nd - 1205 HSC Bulls - 94B Ka'ula
BU12 Sportsmanship - 1224 LSC - Twisters, 1226 Koolau
SC Koolau Shockerz BU11 AND 1209 WSC Volcanos 94B (45 Avg Pts)

Tournament Overall Sportsmanship Award to 1012 HSC Bulls 96B Ka'ele with an average of 50 points per game (maximum points received per game).

Congratulations to our 2005 HYSA President's Day Cup Champions

BU8- MSC Strikers B97 Premier
BU9- Bulls 96 Ka'ula
BU10- Mililani Abunai
BU11- HSC Bulls 94B Ka'ula
BU12- MSC B94 Premier

GU8- Ka'oi Cobras
GU9- HSC Bulls 96 Ka'ula
GU10- Leahi '95 Stingrays
GU11- HSC Bulls 94G Ka'ula & Ka'oi Express
GU12- HSC Bulls 93G Ka'ula

2005 President's Day Cup Scores and Results...

Congratulations to our 2004 HYSA President's Day Cup Champions

BU8 (Gold)- HSC Bulls 96B Kaula
BU9 (Gold)- Mililani Abunai
BU10 (Gold)- Mililani Strikers B94 Gold
BU11 (Gold)- Manchester United
BU12 (Gold)- MSC Strikers B92 Gold

GU9 (Gold)- Ka'oi Stingrays
GU9 (Silver)- Shoguns Sakura Red
GU10 (Gold)- MSC Strikers G94 Gold
GU10 (Silver)- Real Samba 94G
GU11 (Gold)- HSC Bulls 93G
GU12 (Gold)- Real Copa 92G